Australia Takes the Crown For World's Best Cabernet

At Taylors, we take a lot of simple joy from the art of winemaking. To see family, employees and the community flourishing alongside our business here in the Clare Valley is incredibly rewarding for us. Yet we have to say, it's also a thrill to receive recognition for the hard work that we put into each bottle and every vintage. 

We're thrilled to share our recent news from France, the birthplace of Cabernet Sauvignon, have crowned our Clare Valley winery with the supreme award for World’s Best Cabernet this week in France at the Concours International des Cabernets (International Competition of Cabernets) for its top wine, The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon 2014. 

The World’s Best Cabernet Sauvignon is the highest honour awarded at the International Competition of Cabernets and is selected by a panel of France’s top sommeliers. The tasting, conducted at the Le Splendid Restaurant in Lyons, in conjunction with the Union de la Sommellerie Française (UDSF), brought together 20 of the most prestigious sommeliers in the region to taste more than 250 wines and decide which wine would receive the award for World’s Best Cabernet. 

Mitchell Taylor, who was in Bordeaux to recieve the news, is thrilled with the award saying: "It’s an incredible honour for our family and our winemaking team to receive this massive title. Australian wines are quickly growing notoriety overseas for their immediate freshness, generous flavours and diverse styles. For an Australian wine to receive the award for World’s Best Cabernet, against the Goliaths in France, is a testament to the consistent quality of Australian wine. Cabernet is the heart and soul of our business, and the very first variety we planted on our family estate back in 1969. This wine is a dedication to my grandfather, Bill Taylor Snr., and his vision to craft wines that would rival the world’s best. I know he would be extremely proud of this great accomplishment.”

The President of the Association des Sommeliers Lyonnais et Rhône-Alpes Laurent Derhé (named Best Sommelier in France, 2007) noted in his assessment that The Visionary 2014 was “a Cabernet with a superb, sparkling garnet robe. A nose both complex and open, and should please everyone. This is a flawless, modern Cabernet that will please immediately.”

Since its inception in 2014, Australian wineries have dominated the International Competition of Cabernets, taking the prize for World’s Best Cabernet in three of the five years. Including Taylors, previously winning wineries include Penny’s Hill (2016) and Fermoy (2015). For more information about the International Competition of Cabernets can be found at

The World's No.1 Winery

We're excited to share a little about some of the highly competitive wine shows that we take part throught the year, and take you through some of the awards that we've received. From both domestic and international wine competitions, these medals, commendations and trophies represent hours upon hours of hard work, innovation and persistence. They also tell us that our primary mission of presenting premium quality wines to the public is being recognised.With our increasingly connected global village, it is clear that in order to effectively share our winemaking dream, we have to get our wines out onto the world stage.

The World’s Best Cabernet award comes off the back of a fantastic year for Taylors Wines, with our 2017 title for World’s Most Awarded Winery and World’s Most Awarded Wine by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists. 

We have proudly taken our Australian red and white wines to shows in the USA, France, China, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Canada and Japan to name just a few! And on the domestic front, we take seriously the feedback from local Australian competitions, where our Clare Valley wines have been judged against those from a suite of other Australian winemaking talent.

When the awards flow in as recognition of our ongoing labours at Taylors, it certainly puts a spring in our step! But it's no secret that our passion for delivering exceptional wine would go on regardless of any particular acclaim. Sometimes, the greatest reward is just knowing that lovers of good wine are simply being treated to the fruits of our hard work and never-ending innovation.