Cooking at Home with the Taylor Family 

Food has a deeper meaning than simply something we consume for survival. In our modern world, food connects us to culture, our family and even creates entertainment and enjoyment. Like most of us, you probably grew up with your family favourites. A dish made by grandma or a meal created by your parents that you insist no one can possibly do better. 

“Family is at the heart of our business and has been since day one. We rely on each other for support, inspiration and guidance during difficult times, and that’s the beauty of running a generational family business. Some of our fondest memories at Taylors are bringing everyone around the table for a meal and a few glasses of wine. Eating a meal together definitely brings us closer and is a time to enjoy each other's company away from work”, Mitchell Taylor, Winemaker and Taylors Managing Director, says. 

The third generation of the Taylor family, Mitchell, Justin and Clinton have shared with us their favourite family recipe and special moments captured around feasting at home.

Mitchell Taylor shares his family recipe of traditional roast lamb which is a perfect match to one of Mitchell’s favourite drops, Cabernet Sauvignon. “This recipe is close to my heart, taking inspiration from my father who inspired me to cherish the greatness of Australian-grown lamb. I have passed down this delicious dish within my family and it has been thoroughly enjoyed on various notable occasions. Sunday afternoon calls for a succulent lamb roast. This dish creates a sense of relaxation, happiness and enjoyment around the table.”

Justin Taylor recalls a fond memory of being introduced to the delicacy of fresh seafood on Christmas Day. Treats like oysters, king prawns, Moreton Bay bugs and grilled snapper count among his favourites. “These days, I take my own children to the fish markets to collect fresh seafood. My summer family get-together is not complete without an assortment of these delicacies for the whole family to savour. And they are always paired with a crisp glass of Taylors St. Andrews Riesling. The crisp and vibrant citrus notes enhance the delicate flavours of the seafood.

“You can’t go past a classic Aussie BBQ with the family”, Clinton Taylor informs us. “When my family and I are in the Clare Valley, we love to visit the producer markets. Locally sourced prime cuts of beef steak, marinated skewers and fresh vegetables are a must on the shopping list. Our family favourite is a rib-eye steak, marinated chicken skewers and chargrilled corn. My wife and I always crack open a bottle of the Taylors St. Andrews Shiraz to accompany the meal. The smokey barbecued flavours really complement the character and flavours of the wine. One of our favourite things to do in Clare is bike riding along the Riesling trail. A great family outing and a way to work up an appetite for this protein-fuelled dinner.”