Wakefield The Legacy

Crafted to embody our founding vision, The Legacy is the culmination of a fifty-year winemaking journey. Great care has been taken to ensure this wine is delivered as the family intended. The Legacy is the result of experience, patience and a never ending pursuit of perfection. This wine is a tribute to our past and a treasure for the future. “The Legacy represents an enduring family journey that honours our history and sets a benchmark for generations to come.” Mitchell Taylor, Managing Director & Winemaker

The St. Andrews range is named after the historic property first established by Scottish immigrants in 1892. For forty years St. Andrews was one of the leading wine producers in the Clare Valley but sadly, ceased operating when it was sold in 1934. Bill Taylor quickly recognised the potential of the adjacent St. Andrews property when he was first establishing his vineyards in the Clare Valley, and wanted to make it a part of the family's estate. So in 1995 the family purchased the property and became proud custodians of a piece of Australian wine history. They immediately went about the task of re-creating the glory days by once again planting vines on the rich, fertile soils and in 1999 the first St. Andrews wines from Taylors were released. 

These wines are particularly special with fruit sourced from the best blocks on the estate and only crafted in the best vintages, they're a true testament to our philosophy of 'respect the fruit'. The hand-crafted approach extends beyond the winemaking too as even the labels are hand applied. This modern version of St. Andrews now has a heritage that spans almost two decades. Over this time, the wines have developed a well-deserved reputation - not only as benchmark Clare Valley styles but also standing tall amongst the best from Australia.

The Wine

This extraordinary Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, is limited to only 1,080 bottles.

The Whites

These wines offer a degree of elegance and refinement not often found outside of the old world. They are crafted to be excellent accompaniments to food and whilst enjoyable in their youth, will also reward the collector after extended time in the cellar.