The Pioneer

Our pinnacle Shiraz is named to celebrate the pioneering spirit of Bill Taylor; who had the conviction to do things differently and who demonstrated the fortitude to stay on a path to greatness. In the early days of the Taylors wine business, Bill was astute enough to recognise the emerging popularity of Shiraz. At the time, the plan was to plant most of the Clare Valley vineyard with Cabernet Sauvignon but he insisted that a small block be set aside to also plant Shiraz.

Well, as we now know, his foresight proved to be very correct and a generation later, this kind of determination is present in everything we do at Taylors. So the decision to craft an exceptional Shiraz to honour that pioneering spirit was made. This pinnacle wine, The Pioneer Shiraz is yet another bold step in the Taylor family's journey to crafting fine wines.

It's made only in what are deemed exceptional vintages and in very small quantities. With our Clare Valley terroir providing ideal conditions, the intention is that this wine will not only rival the best in Australia, but stand toe to toe with the best in the world.

The Wine

The Pioneer is an exceptional Clare Valley Shiraz crafted from the very finest fruit grown by and available to the Taylor family.

The Whites

These wines offer a degree of elegance and refinement not often found outside of the old world. They are crafted to be excellent accompaniments to food and whilst enjoyable in their youth, will also reward the collector after extended time in the cellar.

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