Limited Release

Every now and then we craft special wines exclusively for our retail partners in Australia and around the world.

Sea Dragon Valley

Discovery is at the heart of our brand. In the first days of our winery in 1969, our founders uncovered ancient fossils of tiny sea life, a discovery that signified fertile soils and good fortune. Three generations on, Wakefield Taylors Family Wines continues to create award winning Australian wines born of the soil from this ancient sea bed. This wine is our tribute to this original discovery.


From the planting of our vineyard in 1969, our goal has always been to create fine Australian wines that stand among the world’s best. Success came with our very first vintage, winning gold in every wine show entered. Inspired by that first release, the Wakefield Taylors Family Wines Heritage range carries on the award-winning tradition of handcrafted excellence. Taste three generations of craftsmanship and proud heritage in every drop.

Reserve Parcel

As true pioneers of Australian winemaking we are relentless in our search for new frontiers of wine. Our Wakefield Taylors Family Wines Reserve Parcel range is for those that want to explore the more exclusive moments of quality that our family of wines has to offer. Each bottle is handcrafted from parcels of exceptional fruit to ensure a wine experience like no other.

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    Limited Release Reserve Parcel Shiraz
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    Limited Release Reserve Parcel Cabernet Sauvignon