Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Bringing great wines to life

We understand the importance of protecting, preserving and enhancing the quality of the fruit from our vineyards. Our aim is to achieve balance, elegance and finesse in every wine and somewhat uniquely when it comes to the style of our wines, we often seek to make wines that are at once both powerful and elegant. The Wakefield philosophy rests on the principle that the finest wines are those made with the greatest dedication and care. Above all our imperative is to ‘respect the fruit’.

A first for everything

Our philosophy has seen us embrace innovation throughout our history. Recently, we opened a custom-designed wine facility for the 2009 vintage, that sought to preserve the quality of each and every grape. A key feature of this facility is a large Pera press, which uses fewer pressing cycles to extract the same amount of juice from the grapes. As the process is gentler it releases less unwanted phenolic characters and preserves purity of flavour.

Everything we do at Wakefield – from being the first Australian winery to only use screw-cap closures to the installation of our extremely gentle gas mixing system – is done to allow the remarkable fruits produced in our vineyards to be experienced to their full. And for the wine itself to always represent unmatched style and quality.

A family history of great winemaking

When Bill Taylor Snr and his sons acquired a promising block of land in the Clare Valley in 1969, they did so with the singular hope of creating a wine of the finest quality. Not only did they achieve this dream, they founded a winemaking philosophy that continues to resonate through our wines today.